Internship, a road to real battlefield (eps1)

In Dept. Of Chemistry, University of indonesia, the 7th semester students or above can do internship as optional subject. I took this subject to gain experience in the real ‘battlefield’. At first, my internship coordinator tried to place me in the research and development (R&D) division in Pert*m*na. Pert*m*na is a big public company which run the fuel oil and lubricant production. I thought I was very lucky if they would accept me to do internship in a such prestigious company. I proposed to do internship there in the middle of April with my 3 friends, Sania, Prily, and Disa (but then Disa was replaced by Anggied). The division we proposed is located in Pulo Gadung, but we had to send our proposals and CVs to Pert*m*na Learning Center in Simprug, Tangerang.It’s quite far from our campus, so we went there by bus. It took more than 2 hours to wait for the bus and the trip took more than an hour. We started the trip at 1.30 PM and had to put the letters before the office closed at 4 PM! We arrived there at 04:10 PM. Well, we didn’t want to give up, so we decided to have our letters given to internship coordinator by receptionist. Our way back to Depok was just the most horrible journey I’ve ever had in my life. Exaggerated, eh? But that’s the way it is! We were bored to wait for the bus, so we just walked to the nearest bus shelter (it’s not near, though). We waited for almost one and a half hours, but there are no buses to Depok but a traffic jam! The only choice we had was just to take busway to Lebak Bulus then take another bus to Depok. The combination between crowded bus, traffic jam, and air pollution worsen our journey. In the end, none of us got internship in Pert*m*na. It was not that we didn’t get selected, but there were miscommunication and not a good coordination between HRD division and R&D division in the company.

Oops, sorry for telling you such a desperating story. I don’t mean to get you have a pity on me. I do have a reason other than telling our no result struggle. Here we come.

Fortunately, I was accepted as an internee along with Ikor senpai (Kurniyasari) in Indokarlo Perkasa Company, Astra group. The company expected for a student who is expertise in Polymer chemistry. Since Ikor and I have no interest in polymers, the company got a little bit disappoinment. So we were placed in Compound Design Division. The main job is to make rubber formula which suitable with customer’s product specification. We have to mix raw rubber with chemicals to obtain good mechanical properties, aging and heat resistance, and so on. It is sooo challenging to do this job *exaggerated*. We have to choose the best type of rubber to produce spesific product among many kinds of rubbers in this world : Natural Rubber (NR) or Synthetic Rubber (SR) who has so many varieties such as BR, NBR, Q, CR, EPDM, FKM, etc. Then, we have to determine chemicals we want to add. There are a lot of kinds of chemicals, they are consist of : filler, vulcanizing agent, vulcanization accelerator, accelerator activator, antioxidant, antiozonant, oil, etc. The procedures in processing the rubber compound in the lab is not as complicated as making the formula – in theory – so the practical needs specialized skills and training. Hoho.

PT.Indokarlo Perkasa, Astra Otoparts (

PT.Indokarlo Perkasa, Astra Rubber Otoparts (

Since that were a new things for us, we had to learn about rubber and rubber chemicals by reading books and internet surfing in several days. It’s lucky for us to do internship in this company. They give us allowance, free lunch everyday and free milk every 2 days. We just have internship there for a month and a half, so we have to do something beneficial for them.

Then…(continue in the next post!)


2 thoughts on “Internship, a road to real battlefield (eps1)

  1. always to be the first..

    aha aha..I do, not interest in polymer, hehhehe..

    Well, hope u wil have great day in Cibinong,.., but enjoy this weekend..

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