Internship : a road to the real battlefield (eps2)

Two weeks after our first coming…

Hooaamm..I’m moaning as i’m writing my internship report. So sleepy!! It’s not because I’m bored with the job, but because every compound design crews (compounder) very often go to the trial Lab or anywhere else to do their job so I was left here in the room, sometimes alone and no one could chat with me. Hiks2. I like the job, actually. Being a part of rubber compounder makes me realize that it’s not easy to make a rubber that suits to customer’s specification. Unfortunately, I didn’t have many chances to do compounding. I just did the compounding 4 times. My topic was about antioxidant and antiozonant in NBR (Nitrile Rubber). Thus, I had to determine the effect of various antioxidants in NBR  compound. that implied that I just did a little research and had no other jobs. Hoho. To kill the time, I often chatted with other employees, sometimes I tried to help their job but actually I was just bothering them. Haha (^.^)

I expect for my compounds to not have cracks due to ozone attack in ozone chamber. In fact, they have so many cracks just after 24 hours under the usual ozone test condition! Maybe it was because the antioxidant added onto the compound was not enough or their performance became low due to my “whatever” compounding. Seriously, I haven’t got the skill to do compounding especially in open mill so our powder materials that are added in open mill spread everywhere. Many accidents happened when we – Ikor senpai & I – tried to mix the masterbatch with “vulcanizing agent and friends” to obtain vulcanizate. There was a time when Ikor senpai’s hand got stucked onto the rubber when it was being rolled in the mill. Fortunately, the mill has emergency button to stop the roll. *sigh*

(the picture below ilustrates the open mill we used – just ilustration because the open mill we used is not as sophisticate as open mill in the picture, hoho)

After 2 weeks of the internship, I learnt that rubber technology must be improved by Indonesian people because we have a lot of natural rubber resources in the country – 2nd rank largest source of natural rubber in the world – and there aren’t many rubber technologists within the country. I also found that actually chemist is more suitable as a rubber compounder than chemical engineer. So it is good for chemist to run a rubber manufacturer someday.

To be continued…


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