This is my first SDS PAGE To determine the protein’s molecular weight..I have never done this before in my home university, so I am excited to see how it works directly rather than read the theory 😉

Determination of KanJ enzyme's molecular weight


3 thoughts on “My First SDS-PAGE

  1. look forward to another updates of you..seeing another world through you, a nice thing for us here, rite?
    Miss ya^^
    And btw, what the…with ur background pic?! LOL, I love it thou 🙂

  2. Hello all! Thanks for visiting my blog –> so keep visiting!
    I’ll try harder to update all my doings here (read : my trip?? hehe).
    I’m doing just fine here, and I’m being the busiest exchange student (huu..not at all, though), and also I’m still a technology-blinded student as in Indonesia. haha

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