Life Safety Learning Center (Honjo Bosaikan) Factory Study Tour

As the first factory study tour of YSEP students and other international students of Tokyo Tech, we went to life safety learning center (or it is called Honjo Bosaikan). I was very happy to have such educational tour to strenghten our prepardness of facing disasters since we do not have this kind of training in Indonesia.

In this study tour, we would experience disasters simulation to see how it feels like being in the middle of disasters. Besides, they will provide guidance on how to protect ourselves and what to be prepared before dealing with disasters. It was very important for us because disasters can be happened anywhere and anytime.

As a warming up, we watched a 20 minute movie about catastrophe. The story revolving around a boy, his family, and a friend who tried to survive from an earthquake. The boy could save his mother and grandmother, then along with his friend and neighbours, he could extinguish the fire in the office of his friend’s father because they just had their disaster preparedness training. So through this movie, we could understand how important the training would be. I also noticed that we must not underestimate small things that might endanger someone’s life, like the parking position of a bicycle which can block up the evacuation lane. In the end, I was affected by this movie when I saw that Japanese people cooperate to save other’s lives.

After that, we were divided into 3 groups consisted of 12 people each. My group was lead by Hsu Xian Min from China. He helped us to translate the instructions from the tour guide to English.  Firstly, we experienced rainstorm (called ‘Taifun’ in Japanese). We wore raincoat and boots to prevent us of getting wet. In the simulation, we were struck by heavy rain and strong wind whose speed as fast as car’s speed. It last for about a minute, and I felt really bad about it. But Natalia from Indonesia said the rainstorm she experienced 3 weeks ago was much more worse. As the survival tip, the guide said it is safer for us to stay at home, building, or in a shelter when the rainstorm comes up.

Secondly, we went to smoke maze section. Before the adventure began, there was an illustration of what happen when there is a thick smoke of poisonous gases because of a fire attacks a four-level building. It told us that the person(s) in the top floor will get poisoned first. In the simulation, we had to escape from a building where there was a thick smoke inside so we almost could not see anything. The survival hints are walk slowly as we squat to keep our body low since the smoke is getting thicker in the higher position, follow the green exit signs, and try not to inhale a lot of gases. As the result, I was the first who escaped from the maze. So it was advantageous for me who have short body.

Thirdly, we tried the 7.0 scale earthquake simulation. They gave us 10 hints for facing earthquake, like we have to mind our head and keep away from falling objects, do not stand near brick walls, and so on. In the simulation, we had to hide under a table to survive. It was very scary. The guide also reminded us to prepare enough water, food, and blanket as a preparation before big earthquake attacks.

Finally, we tried to extinguish a fire with fire extinguisher. It was quite simple, just remember three keywords : pull out the pin, hold the hose, then aim the water to one spot of the fire. We have to remember to let anybody else know that there is a fire by screaming out loud, “Kaji da!” (it means “fire!”).

In conclusion, the most important things to keep that in mind are calm down when a disaster happens, protect ourselves first and remember what we should do to survive, then we can look after of other people. Those were really great training. But unfortunately we were not trained to do first aid. I hope I can learn about it next time.


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