Finally, met my family and Besties at Odaiba!

Heee??? How come you met family and besties at Odaiba?! –> with exaggerating expression of Japanese. Whoops, no offense, just kidding.
Yup, I finally met my “dream” family : Angelina Jolie (mom) and Brad Pitt (dad). Also with besties : Jackie Chan, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Nicole Kidman, Beyonce, Beckham, and Spiderman!

Unfortunately they did not move. Heeee??? Of course, because they were just statues made of wax! Haha. Gotcha! I’m the saddest girl who just can take picture with their statue, aren’t I?

well, with “investment” of 800 yen, I could enter Madame Tussauds in Odaiba to take photos with the famous hollywood artist and several Japanese artist (whom I don’t know their name, haha). Madame Tussauds is being opened for public in Aqua City Odaiba until January 2013. It was just a trial to get to know Japanese people enthusiasm.

Hmm, about the statue, I can say many of them were just too fake, especially Rihanna’s statue. Hehe. The native people here (you know what I mean),  were too enthusiastic! Not just take the picture of statues, but also the statues’ properties (gown, earrings, other accessories)! I didn’t get them, really..

We also took print out pictures with Michael Jackson’s statue and Spiderman’s statue and paid 500 yen each. It was nice!


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