Canon Electronics, electronic appliances feat. Eco-management

Canon Electronics, Inc. is a well known company for electronic utilities such as printer, scanner, camera, copier, etc. Fortunately, on November 15th 2011, we had a great opportunity to visit Canon Electronics, Inc. factory in Saitama, which is called Misato Plant. This 350.000 m2 plant is used for scanner manufacturing.

There were many important points of Canon Electronics that I pointed out from the Chairman’s explanation in the beginning of our tour. The first point is that Canon Electronics works hard to be environmental-friendly company by running ecology oriented management, such as reduction of waste by selling the unused materials and separating plastic in 7 categories and paper in 5 categories. The result was fascinating, they could reduce the power consumption by 44% and reduce the disposal waste by 43% in 2008 compared with year 2000.

Secondly, Canon Electronics treats the employees very well. They assign the workers to the proper production line depending on the his/her experience. They not only provide trainings for employees, but also educational courses such as business skill and management courses for new employees.

Another point, Canon Electronics is trusted by customers around the world from their products’ quality. In quality assurance section of scanners product, they carry out consistent image quality check by visual check and automatic check by software. Moreover, to prevent human errors from packing, they always match the product with the barcode and sofware check.

After the Chairman finished his explanation, we were guided to the factory by the production manager. He showed us the flow of scanner manufacturing which consists of several production line and the quality assurance procedures. He pointed that Canon Electronics still prefers human beings as workers to automatic machine. It was because human beings are more flexible and fit in any changes than automatic machines. In addition, to minimalize the production cost, they make most of the semi-finished materials from raw materials by themselves.

Finally, they demonstrated how to operate the scanners. There was a scanner which can scan name card and recognize the data that was written in the name card. Another amazing scanner they had was the one that can scan 100 pages in a row very quickly. Before we going back to Ookayama campus, there was also a question and answer (Q & A) session. Many students gave question enthusiastically, they mostly asked about workers and safety management. The chairman and the staffs gave a very clear answer so the students seemed very content. We are thankful to Canon Electronics for their warm welcome and knowledge that they shared.


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