Isuzu : Truck Manufacture by Human feat. Robot

Before I visited the factory of Isuzu, I just knew that Isuzu was the manufacturer of Panther, a popular car in Indonesia which my aunt usually ride on. But through this factory study tour, I got to know that Isuzu products have many varieties, from trucks to diesel engines. In this visit, we had a great opportunity to have a look on light truck production in Isuzu’s biggest plant named Fujisawa plant, and is located in Kanagawa prefecture.

Isuzu, Fujisawa Plant

After  a welcoming greeting and company’s profile presentation, we were brought to the factory. They showed us the flow process of the light truck production from the semi-finished material.. First, we observed the machining section. In that section, the materials were put together to form the engines. Then, the engines were brought to next section named engine mounting section, where the engines are assembled to the body parts of truck. Next, all the body parts are united together in the mounting section. There are a lot of sub-section of mounting, such as cab mounting, roof mounting, etc. After all parts are being together to give a light truck, then it was painted and brought to the final inspection. If it passes the inspection, then the light truck will be stamped or given a barcode so the date and code of production can be tracked.

Since it was heavy vehicle production, around 80% of the work was done by robots and human workers do the rest. The robots do not only assist in assembly and mounting the heavy parts, but also they help to deliver materials or data from one section to another. The thing that attracted us was the delivery robots having certain song as they pass through. The production manager said that the song came out from robots was to warn the workers that the robots would passsing through. So above of all, the tour was so exciting!


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