It’s Not a Sacrifice, It’s a Gift

After celebrating the bachelor degree graduation last February, it’s time for me and fellow graduates to taste the real (harsh?) life then go up to the next level with options : run spiritedly to our path that we’ve firmly chose or being face to face with dilemma or simply follow the path we’ve already been into or poorly give our life upon destiny. I myself see it as a second chance (and sometimes the last chance) to choose what you wanna be, due to the fact that many graduates feel they chose the wrong major. I hope we’ll pick the best choice for our life, according to our passion, since it will be a tragedy if we choose a career path that we don’t like the slightest of it even we’ve already been trained and experienced for years but bring no benefit to other people socially. Urrggghh can’t imagine if I have to live such a life. Yeah, let me repeat, this is maybe our last chance when there’s no way back. This is also a warning to myself for about what I want to be in the future and what I want to do for my country. Sounds cliche, but that’s what our life meant to be, being worthwhile to other people, especially to our country (and religion). In fact that I am a girl-not-yet-a-woman, I have to consider the suitable career for (future) housewife (and mother). Or maybe I’ll fully dedicate myself as a housewife and mother if I want to. So from now on I just need to encourage myself to put aside the pride of highly educated woman with professor title or company’s superior woman that I have always dreamt of. Even I haven’t been one, but I believe, being a mother isn’t a sacrifice, it’s a gift.

Don’t you think that all girls should have a dream to be a good mom in order to raise high quality kids?

–dedicated to every (great) mom, especially my mom. Thanks for being a friendly mom to me–


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