New Year’s Holiday 2013/2014

Here I come again! Another year has passed, another mysterious occasion awaits. Yup, no one knows what kind of events we will face in the future. I’ll begin my lines with the story of my new year’s holidays. This isn’t gonna take your time, I promise *finger-cross. It’s my first English writing in 2014 since the beginning of last year I supposed, making myself pretty sure my English is getting worse, so please bear with me.

My holiday lasted from December 21st 2013 until January 5th 2014 (what? a year? *you wish!). I spent my first week of holidays by having a continuous trip to Slawi – Semarang – Madiun – Semarang again from December 21 (Sunday). Spending a night in Slawi where my uncle’s new house had been built, I enjoyed the view in the house – especially the backyard which has a small pond where 7 or 8 Koi fishes swim lively, a swing, and a gazebo. The very next day, we went to Semarang after mom and grandpa had their eyes check up by my uncle who is an ophthalmologist (eye specialist doctor). We visited my dad’s sister’s (aunt) house in Pekalongan in the mid of our way to Semarang. I’ve got to chat with my cousins there and we had “Ayam Pekalongan” (Pekalongan’s grilled chicken) for our late lunch –> recommended cuisine in Pekalongan!


my uncle’s house backyard in Slawi

On Tuesday, we only took a rest and most of my family members – including me – had massage. On Wednesday, we traveled to Kampoeng Kopi Banaran (a trip site in a small area called Bawen, around 30 km from Semarang) to have lunch and took a short trip to the coffee field. My mom, my brother, and I stayed in that trip site until 7.30 pm to get picked up by a mini bus to Madiun. I didn’t enjoy the night trip to Madiun since I couldn’t see the scenery along the way and we had bumpy roads so we couldn’t have a nice sleep either. The mini bus successfully made us arrive in Madiun at 1.30 am, which also made my grandma finally slept after her long waiting us being there safe and sound. The next day, we visited my grandpa’s (dad’s father) tomb who left us in June 2012 and I got a fever, perhaps due to the non-stop trip. On Friday morning, we took 6 hours trip back to Semarang by bus with a transit in Solo. Although we only had lunch in Solo, I was happy because I finally visited the town which we occasionally visit back then a long time ago when my grandma still lived there. Then that’s it, I went back to Jakarta by car with my sister, my uncle, and a cousin which took us 12-13 hours to home.

For my second week of holidays, I mostly spent it at home. I’m glad to see my old friends from junior high during this time, seeing everyone, step by step is pursuing their dream. All praises to God, Alhamdulillah, I also managed to purchase a new laptop, replacing my old laptop which has accompanied me for the last 5 years. I was sad noticing it’s about my old laptop to retire, so I feel like to say “otsukaresamadeshita” or literally “you have worked hard / thanks to your hard work” to my old laptop. Oh my old laptop, thank you for your hard work until your last time helping me out to write narrative report for my students, and you also had been by my side during my adventure to Japan until my completion of bachelor studies. Eeeewww, I have no idea that I could be this romantic to a laptop *sigh. Back to new laptop, I would like to say “welcome to my world, let’s enjoy our journey together!”. Haha…

Ok, that’s is for my first post in 2014. I’m looking forward to seeing wonderful events in my life this year!!


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