A Girl Who Doesn’t Understand Girls

I’m a weirdo. Hmm, I guess, recently. For when I’m doing something, I’m just like a normal girl, thinking and acting as if the world is complicated and many things are troublesome to me. But when I’m having a chat with other women, I’m putting it simply and analytical, just like boys (men) usually have in their brain. When I’m chit-chatting to women, I can’t talk or even understand something ambiguous like they do. Yes, I consider those women say things that they (really) mean it and I can’t differentiate whether they really mean it, or they want me to think the opposite, or do something else, or they hide their true intention, or whatsoever.

Hmm, I think this is the cause of me often having misconception or argue with my girl fellas. Then there was a time I realized that I’m a weirdo: a girl who can’t think like the girls use to do (in some areas) because I’m the left brain person who think logically like the boys always do. Yeah and this time I’m arguing with a girl best friend of mine when we had a discussion in an online chatting group (which means there were some other friends who joined in). That was because I didn’t get what she wanted me to do. She said “A” and I did “A”, but then she complained and asked “is A still important now?” —> Haa, so why did she discussed about “A” before? This made me wanted to say “gitu aja kok repot?” (a famous saying of our former – deceased president who used to say this when his men couldn’t handle something simply –  sorry I don’t know how to say those words in English – ). Oh, but I didn’t say it that fellow, of course, it would hurt her if I did! Then I apologized many times, asking what I should do, but she didn’t reply. So I apologized one more time, saying I understood that she (and other friends) disappointed in me, set aside this ‘another’ problem that wasn’t the focus in the group’s discussion and put the business back (whether she likes it or not, since she hasn’t approved it yet until I’m writing this). Kind of frustrating, eh?

Up to this, do you guys still don’t comprehend how complicated the girls are? Here, I believe the scene from Korean drama titled “Reply 1994” will help you get it to the point (source of scene recap and pictures: from dramabeans.com with my necessary revision).

There were 4 boys and 2 girls lived in a same house. They were all away from their hometown and studied at the same university in Seoul. Once, one of the boys (named Haitai) complained that his long distance relationship girlfriend always mad after they had phone call even if Haitai already did or answered what his girlfriend wanted him to.

Haitai asked for everyone’s advice. It was his girlfriend’s birthday on Friday, but because of exams he couldn’t visit home until Saturday. She told him not to bother coming on Saturday and got upset, which made the boys wonder at this mystical language of women while the ladies wonder if he was dumb to not understand. To clarify, one of the girls (named Na-jung) explained that the girlfriend wanted an expression of his caring—the actual day was unimportant.

(Scenes of Reply 1994 – left/above: Haitai asked advice to the group. Right/below: Na Jung told the man-woman study case)

The boys couldn’t get passed the question of Friday versus Saturday, though, so Na-jung explained with a fictional example: A couple moves into a new home. With doors closed, the paint smell gives the woman a splitting headache, but opening the doors makes her cough up a storm. So the woman asks her man whether to open or close the door—and the correct response is for him to worry over her health. The boys, however, missed the point again and fixated on whether the door should be open or closed.

The girls rolled their eyes, but Haitai swore that any normal person would answer his way (open or close the door), not hers. This turned into a bet, and we cut to later as the gang anxiously was waiting for Garbage’s response (there was a boy nicknamed “Garbage” in the gang).

Garbage was thinking, then decided, “You should open the door.” The boys were hilariously gratified.

Chilbongie (another boy) walked in, and Yoon-jin (another boy, also) posed the same question, saying that Na-jung’s room had just been painted. Chilbongie replied, “Hm, wouldn’t it be better to close the door?”. LOL. The boys nod approvingly and declared that he was a (real) man.

Then Chilbongie turns to Na-jung, wondering, “But are you okay?” The girls smiled, and Yoon-jin approvingly deemed Seoul boys were different from those countrified bumpkins.

See???? They boys directly think in the logical way and just plainly answer the question. But the girls actually want something else which is hidden and feeling-based!

Hilarious! Ok then, should I read “Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Map?” to understand girls while I am myself a girl????

Should I read "Why Men Don't Listen and Women Can't Read Maps"?


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