Welcoming new campus, new family, new challenges for better future! Ganbarimasu! – at Kampus Dramaga IPB

Well, I’ll be here for a couple of years (hopefully 1,5 years by trying to excel my studies).

Apparently, I was only accepted as “trial student” since my major in bachelor studies is different from the master studies I’ve applied for. That means I must get 3.0 for my GPA score in my 1st semester. My senior said I could relax after I accomplish that requirement, being a survivor. Survivor? Uh-huh. I wanna be a fighter instead of survivor.

Being a fighter means I do my best to get the best, while being a survivor means I do my best just to pass it.

Wew. So super enthusiastic, eh? Then, by singing “This girl is on fire……” will make this perfect.




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