I’m Fallin’ in Love

Food Science. A beautiful branch of science that I’m falling in love with recently. I should have found it out earlier, such a regret for me that I found it almost this late.

It’s really fun to analyze something that we can apply directly to ourselves as we eat twice or three times a day. Chemistry, Engineering, Microbiology, and Biochemistry, four main pillars blend together to support food production from soil to fork. Food chemistry is there to find the important functional compounds of food sources, either for the nutritive role or as quality enhancer like what flavor chemistry does. Moreover, food chemistry is considered as “the kitchen” of food science, determining the ingredients and how the components interact with each other to make a food product.

After we got the recipe from food chemistry, now we will find the way how to process the food, and food process engineering has the answer. Anyway, food process engineering holds physics as its principles and become the most considerable subject in food industry. It can help us decide what kind of technique that is best for processing the food until the packaging. Then, food microbiology will give an act to check the food safety since food is sensitive to microbes, which later can damage the food and become harmful to human. Last but not least, since the product will be eaten by human, we should know how the chemicals inside the food will affect human body, whether it can give nutrition or play a role as health enhancer, or maybe another way around as toxic. That kind of thing will be handled by food biochemistry.

In many special cases, it’s very possible to combine two or three subjects of food science, for instance in yogurt production where food microbiology and food engineering unite in industrial food biotechnology. See? What a synergistic and continuous work of the four foundations of food science: chemistry, engineering, microbiology, and biochemistry!

That’s why I’m in love with the world of food science, the world where people will always depend on.


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