Tuna Mayo Pasta

#NOMster #cookforfamily

Only having leftover canned tuna, pasta, and mayonnaise while you get hungry stomach?
Here’s how you get your belly satisfied in a quick and simple way:

Tuna Mayo Pasta

My homemade tuna mayo pasta

My homemade tuna mayo pasta


1. Any kind of pasta you like (I used spaghetti made of rice since I have brother who allergic to wheat)
2. One canned of Tuna in oil (drain the oil)
3. A lot of Mayonnaise
4. Small onion
5. Salt, pepper, and hilly sauce to taste (black pepper is also OK)
6. Lettuce, cherry tomato, and sweet corn (canned or fresh. Boil the corn if you have the fresh one)
7. Dried seaweed (Nori) if you want to blend it with Japanese taste
8. Olive oil (healthier, but you can also use palm oil)

Let’s make it Yummy!

Boil the pasta until al dente (add a little of olive oil in the boiled water first) then drain it. Mix the tuna with mayonnaise, salt, pepper, and chilly sauce then pour it to the pasta. Finally, add sweetcorn, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and dried seaweed (make it pretty, guys!). Nom nom, itadakimasu!

Anyway, this is the simplest pasta I’ve ever made. That’s why I love making any kind of pasta. It’s easy to cook and we can make our pasta creatively! Happy nom nom (^.^)


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